“Playfully rambunctious country Americana doesn’t get much more feel-good than, yep, “Feeling Good,” the raw, infectious crowd-pleaser which opened the set and set the tone for the rest of the show.” - Music Connection

“Daniel has already released a pair of exceptional EPs, and this first LP solidifies the Brooklynite as one of the most interesting and unpredictable songwriters in today’s Americana scene.” - Take Effect

“Soul searing and fun loving second coming of Chris Stapleton." —

“Big, bright and brimming with bravado." — Lonesome Highway

“This guy’s the real deal – Blurt Magazine

“Daniel’s soul is laid bare for all to marvel at, the mini-album being its ideal presentation. Country has long lost this natural vibe, and Kevin’s work is all the better for preserving it” – Let It Rock

“This is the future of great country, great rock and roll and not just a radio voice, but a real voice—East Coast Rocker

“Kevin Daniel might be a new name to you but remember it because his country-leaning rock and moody ballads really showcase his anthemic songwriting and hoarse-throated vocals and we hope he’s here to stay.His new EP, “Myself Through You” is 5 tales of heartache, self-evaluation, survival, and perseverance, that echo off the relentless backbeat of pedal steel guitar, flugelhorn, and bluegrass banjo.It seems Daniel really doesn’t do irony, preferring to put his heart on his sleeve and in his wordplay. The vocals also reflect a go-for-broke aesthetic, as he often starts off in a hushed whisper only to jump an octave into a desperate howl. He sings songs of good times, hard times and warm memories and all while retaining complete musical integrity”—The Network317

“While Daniel takes chances and bends the boundaries as far as a patented Americana sound is concerned, mixing rock & roll with new country, and a bit of the blues leaving this newcomer sounding like a revered veteran who is mastering all genres as he morphs them into one” – Innocent Words

“Although his arrangements and lyrics are on the more emotional side of the fence, Kevin has a clear rock n’ roll attitude. 'Myself Through You' is filled with roots-rook flavors and city boy charm” – Subba – Cultcha

“It’s radio and TV ready with enough darkness creeping around the edges to appeal to fans of Jason Isbell and Ryan Adams. He tells stories of hope-filled melancholy in songs tinged by loneliness, loss and having the strength to carry on. Daniel’s voice and words feel honest and hopeful” – Muzik Beat

“Myself Through You: A solid Americana mash up that takes a mass of back porch sounds and ties them together with whip smart, hard hitting lyrics about the human condition. A modern take on the singer/songwriter as seeker, Daniel has a firm grasp on is destiny no matter how tenuous destiny may be” – Midwest Record

“An amazing musician” – The Subjective Perspective Show

“His emotion filled songs translate beautifully into his live show” -- RadioBuzzD



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