This is been a wild few days in NYC. Being Halloween weekend, the sheer craziness of the city is set to 11 and on top of that, there was the attack on the west side highway bike path. I'm an avid biker and ride all over the city, having cycled the westside highway bike path more times than I can count. This hit close to home.

This morning I was listening to NPR reporting that even though a certain part of the bike path is blocked off, police are guiding bikers around the accident location. What's best is there was no noticeable drop in cyclists this morning. That's NYC. They don't let shit get in their way of getting to work or going about their day. Maybe it's the craziness of the city that's jaded us to the monsters, or perhaps we're just tough and get shit done. I think it's the latter.

So I'm very thankful to live in NYC, and I'm very thankful to play a show on Friday, 11/10 at Rockwood Music Hall. It's a free show and my way of giving back to you around Thanksgiving, but I'll also be accepting donations on behalf of The Sato Project, a Puerto Rican charity helping out stranded and homeless animals on the island.

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